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To ultimately provide the best businesses with a means for digital success.


To get the best products and services in front of consumers.


I am not a political activist, and I understand that marketing serves to sell. However, I observe a disconnect between the marketing world and the products/services that are being promoted. I will only sell products and services that are high-value and ethical. To give an example of what I consider honest, I am very partial to specific values: reduction of plastic, sustainable energy, etc. Your business may not align with my values, so my business may not be the best fit to help your business with digital marketing.

I only want to work with the best. If you prioritize profit over values, we are not compatible. While I make my clients plenty of money, I will always prioritize my values above my ROI.  I believe that in helping my clients, I am also helping their customers. My clients need to be fulfilling the needs of a community.

Expect me to be honest when I tell you what I can do for you. The truth is not always welcomed, but it should be expected. I will not take your money if I do not see the potential for a mutually beneficial partnership.

About Me

I was born in Maui Memorial Hospital on June 9th, 1983, to a mother from the mainland and a Hawaiian-Filipino father. I grew up in Upcountry, Maui spending most of my time in three places: the water, at church activities, and in front of a computer. Looking back, one of the most important days of my life was when I discovered web design at the Kamehameha School Computer Camp in 1995. From there, I began making web pages for everything. I made websites for videos, games, or surfers I liked. I even made websites for local businesses.

Another momentous day for me was when I moved to San Diego, California, for college in 2002. Living in California gave me a broad worldview and exposed me to many perspectives. In college, I worked for my school’s marketing department. I felt that the web design classes my school offered were a bit behind the curve, so I pursued degrees in philosophy and music. Ironically, music and philosophy have immensely enhanced my prowess in digital marketing. After graduating, I made hundreds of websites both as a team member for agencies and as the lead contractor.

I finally moved back to Maui in May of 2018. Getting back in the island groove has been amazing, despite many challenges. I still drive a little too fast sometimes. I’ve brought tons of experience, which I am excited to share with some of my favorite Maui businesses. In Hawaii, we are positioned to be a global leader in many areas; we must make a few adjustments. I look forward to every company I meet with and am excited for what the future holds for Maui.

Game Development

 I am the founder of Maui Game Studio.  I work on a retro role-playing game, Familia, while not doing web development. The game is currently available on Windows and Mac. I am currently working on porting the game to Android and iPhone.

Familia Steam Page

My Game Studio Website


I have been streaming game development on Twitch pretty regularly. If you want to check me out: