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Web Development

My core service is web development. I primarily work in WordPress, but I still can offer help with a non-WordPress site. I am a hybrid programmer-designer, which is excellent for a larger project because I can easily transition into a director position. I often contract with photographers, writers, designers, or developers depending on the project scope. My recent projects range from a local ‘mom and pops’ shop to a platinum musical artist. Maybe you need the equivalent of an online brochure. Perhaps you have a store with 2000 products. I can help in any case.

Branding + Logos

Whether you already have a detailed style guide or are just starting, I can make your credibility indistinguishable from the top companies in your field. If you think branding is not essential, draw a pentagram on your forehead with lipstick for a day. The few hundred people you interact with in a day will be confused at the least. How much additional care should you take with a business’s logo, color pallet, or typographical choice? The digital transcendence of a brand has the potential to be seen by limitless eyes.

Photography and Video

Because access to quality equipment becomes increasingly trivial, businesses have to work harder to distinguish themselves from casual individuals. Photography and video help to put a face to your brand. They take you from being an asset for the consumer to an actualized relationship with your demographic. Photography and video also help to establish credibility, as these mediums usually require higher production budgets.

Content Writing

Every business I have worked with on Maui has seen a significant traffic boost, primarily due to the content I provide them. In California, adding a blog to a site would generally increase site traffic by one to three percent. Here on Maui, there is relatively little competition for quality text content, so I can predictably produce a boost in traffic that is tenfold what I previously got in California.

In the past, businesses would market directly to customers in person, through the radio, or on broadcast television. Nowadays, almost all of our customer and client interaction comes through a digital medium. Thus, it’s crucial to master each digital medium in addition to fostering meaningful relationships with customers and clients. For people to find your business, Google needs you to write content. Google’s algorithms are trying to determine the appropriate places to list your site.

Coaching, Troubleshooting, and Consultation


I regularly work with clients both in-person and on Zoom (net conferencing) to help them solve isolated issues. Sometimes your agency can’t get a site to work how you would like. It might be advantageous to have a WordPress expert developer check it out.


In addition to troubleshooting, I’ve recently been helping dozens of businesses map out their static page content and content-marketing schedule. It’s great if a company can produce blogging content in-house, but it usually does not work out. I can help you get your content on schedule to get all the marketing benefits and make more money.


For new customers, I require payment for initial consultations. Don’t let this dissuade you; I have yet to find someone who didn’t feel that my help paid for the cost of the initial consultation many times over.