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Do you have a card?

I do not use cards. There are many accessible ways to keep my contact information. The world is full of trash. I try to produce as little trash as possible, especially if it has my name on it. To learn more about my view of cards, I covered it in a past blog post: 5 Reasons I Don’t Use Business Cards, and You Shouldn’t Either.

What do you use for domain hosting?

I prefer GoDaddy for domain hosting but I am willing to work with another domain host. Cost to the business tends to be higher when not using GoDaddy domain hosting.

What do you use for file/website hosting?

I exclusively work with FlyWheel hosting. You are welcome to look them up: I usually host clients through my Flywheel account and the client pays me a monthly or annual fee. However, the client is welcome to purchase their hosting directly through Flywheel themselves if they prefer (it will just cost more).

Are you willing to work with my companies hosting?

I will be happy to troubleshoot your site for problems if you are not with my required hosting company. However, I will not build a site or maintain a site that is not hosted by Flywheel Hosting.

Why are you so adamant about using Flywheel hosting?

Where can I start? Security, Speed, SEO, Backups, Ease-of-Use, and familiarity with the system are a good start when answering this question. The bottom line is that without my preferred hosting, I cannot provide the expected quality level of service and deliverables. There is simply no compromise in this area.

Do you produce packaging or print materials?

I have done packaging work for major brands like Rockstar Energy Drinks in the past but graphic design is not my core service. I am happy to talk more about your specific needs in a consultation. Usually, I can batch print work in with a website package.

Do you work with brands outside of Maui?

Yes, I work with many brands outside of Maui. Currently, off-island brands account for about 60% of my businesses revenue. I do not actively market or pursue relationships with off-island brands. I observe a common need for the businesses on Maui that I can specifically serve.

How much do you charge?

I have quite literally worked on projects ranging from two thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars in the last twelve months. Every project has its own needs. I can go over this in consultation.

Do you do online stores?

Yes, I do online stores. I have built or worked on nearly 100 e-commerce sites.